My virus stories - Traveling through my history of immunology


Part 1

Medicine does not really have a lot of expertise when it comes to immunology. When I studied medicine this word was not integral part of my medical language.

This changed definitely over the last 3 decades.

But now the trash about this topic makes me feel sick. Nothing changed since my studies in the 70ties. The depth of knowledge is flat.

All the journals I receive as a medical doctor are talking about this topic, superficially denouncing its ignorance. The immune system and immunity are filling hundreds of pages nowadays. Honestly, I cannot read these articles. The content ranges - sorry for using such harsh words - from ignorant to stupid.

My education in immunology during my medical studies reached from poor to not present at all, a disaster! Did it really change as per today?

My video blog mirrors only a poor fragment of my education in immunology. We have been taught how cells like lymphocytes, macrophages or leucocytes look under the microscope. I had no idea of their function, their role within this complex system without which we cannot survive.

I was not even aware of the metaphor of defense. I just took for granted what I was told. Many many years, decades had to pass to open my eyes and finally increase my knowledge about immunity.


These fragments in my video blog are only the beginning of a discourse I want to kick-off herewith.