This "I ON AIR" story casts an eye back on the long history of BIESTMILCH with the Big Island of Hawaii. The world championships of the long distance triathlon (IRONMAN) in Kona structured our year since 2002 until the lockdown came over us in March 2020. It was there, where our branding activities for BIESTMILCH took its very beginning, a long process still ongoing.


A sophisticated promotion concept blazed a trail into the core of the triathlon community. Our tattoos, swim caps and t-shirts were spreading out on the Big Island every year. We were such a marvelous team "pioneers at work!". We were filming our sponsored pro athletes to help them and us to become a brand.


We did podcasts to make the amateur athletes familiar with us, our product and the brand. It was all pioneer work as we didn't have any competitor, not in our working method "story-telling" and not in our product placement. Enjoy the story and the amazing footage we have collected through all these years.

For 15 years our BIESTMILCH team traveld to the IRONMAN World Championships in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was hard work connected with wonderful experiences and a steep learning curve. I hope to be there again very soon.