I ON AIR - behind the finish line in my little studio Sperl

Vienna, Sunday, September 12, 2021

A miracle, Vienna was the host of the Vienna City Marathon again. For me, the CUBE and BIESTMILCH it was the first public appearance since October 2017 on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The organizers - thank you Petra Lindinger for taking so good care of us - can be proud to be beside Hamburg the first running event of such size in Europe.

It's really great after so long time to have images and a short talk which is not just digging in memories.

Herwig and I have been on the road together again. We are a dream team since around 15 years. We enjoyed the time and had fun together. We never have any issues, no frictions, work runs smoothly, simply wonderful.

Since 2018 on the Big Island of Hawaii Herwig and I have not been hitting the road together anymore. No CUBE on an Expo for so long!