My book got its name “INFLAMED!” from some people unfamiliar with the topic of inflammation. Especially the title of a book I had to learn is the business of the marketing department in a publishing house. So far so good, my first experience with a publishing house.

Wheresoever the journey of my book will end up, in which households it may sit on a bookshelf one day, nobody knows. The marketplace of books is as inflationary as any other marketplace on this globe. It was not part of my life concept to unload more word trash into my environment, therefore it never occurred to me to write a book in the conventional sense of the word.

What happened that I did it anyway?


It was a very close friend of mine who mediated the deal with the publishing house. I had not heard, had not met my pal since I had finished my studies in Vienna in the beginning of the 80ies. Only very recently we bumped into each other again. It was as if no lapse of time lying between us.


To cut a long story short his sister-in-law is working in the marketing department of a small publishing house in Vienna. As in any other field new products need to be launched at any time irrespective of quality, so they are always looking for authors and topics which they think may sell. Competitiveness beats quality, of course. 


My friend connected the two of us. That was it. I wrote an expose, it was accepted, a contract was signed, and the work lay ahead of me.

The title before the content

The first weird experience in this collaboration was for me that the company launched the title and subtitle before I wrote the book. They had no clue about my mindset which I arrogantly think is beyond the mainstream view points about inflammation.


I tried to raise my voice against this proposition, no chance, I didn’t succeed. The title they think sells best is “INFLAMED!” 


At the very end I wanted at least the subtitle to be changed. No way, the book was listed in the bookstores already, the sales forces was drilled… Now my book is out there and I feel quite uneasy with the title. At school the teacher would have said with serious looks: ”sorry girl, this is simply off-topic, maybe you try again”.

Let loose, things change shape over time...

My working title was: INFLAMMATION – the underlying physiology that holds us together

I feel embarrassed about the title but I am a little bit proud of the content, because until today there are not many books publicised with this topic for the lay public. Honestly, I do hope that this compensates for the misleading title.

The current title: "INFLAMED!"
The silent and dangerous trigger of allergies, obesity and tumors
And what we can do about it.

You never know what happens to things in the unknown...

Helping people help themselves

As already mentioned one focus of the book is the physiology of inflammation, the second one is Biestmilch (colostrum), the substance which taught me so much about the body and led me to explore the essence of inflammation.


My viewpoint is that of a natural scientist with a holistic perspective on the human organism. My experience with Biestmilch showed me how dangerous it is to lose the ability of body perception and body feeling. 


To die from old age instead of chronic illness is for me about lifestyle changes and a fine body perception, and not about asking a doctor for help every other day. Therefore I decided to make body perception the structural element of the book, and inflammation and biestmilch its wrapping.