I ON AIR - Lucky crazy me or I yet love cows

How an easy jog in Davos turned into one of my most serious accidents


I had a lot of accidents during my life, serious ones, dangerous ones, I looked death the eye several times into the eyes. But this one is for sure one of the most drastic incidents in my life.

Still I have the images in front of my eyes that emerged within milliseconds before I decided not to give up and mobilized all the energy in my body.


Broken rips sticking out through the skin of my chest, blood patches in the green grass, blood bubbles simmering out of my mouth, my thoughts drifting into the void of the morning silence... no pain, no fear, reality had already turned into a dream. The picture is still very much alive in my whole body.


But listen yourself, and beware of mother cows!

This is the kind of encounters with cows, I was used to as a girl who was raised in the Austrian Alps.