This story dates back to the mid eighties of the last century. It was a chapter of my life that taught me a lot, but it was relatively dark one. First time in my life I felt what it means to be alone, to be lonely and left to my own devices. I had no job, no money, I was away from everything that was familiar to me before.

I had just passed my thirties and was driven by the wish to change my life, to escape the sort of medicine I have been so unhappy and frustrated with.

The decisions I made to change directions for my life have been fairly naive and cast long shadows, I had to find out how to deal with. I had to find my way.


Maybe you have made similar experiences and like to listen to mine. It would make my happy, if you listened and are not bored.

I am really not a person with the head down, with a tendency for depression. But these 2 years in the UAE cost me a lot to survive and not to give up. Today a sad smile appears on my face, when I am trying to recall the feelings of back then. I hope never again to have to experience something similar to that.