Pho3nix - my dream of a polish connection

It's already one month ago that the camp in Lausanne had started. For me to be invited to attend this camp with its great people on board - naming some of them would be simply unfair - came really by surprise. My dear friend since almost 20 years, Chris McCormack, made it possible.

Sebastian Kulczyk is the founder of this amazing enterprise that will soon be spreading over the whole globe to support and accompany kids and young adults on their path to sports and wellbeing.


The team around Renata Talarek with her i-sport group (all of them on eye level when it comes to performance) organized a camp that took care of every little detail to make the week an outstanding experience for all attendees, young adult as well as old adults

The group at work, all focused on the business side of sports: branding and sponsorship, what does it need.