I ON AIR - my real life encounters with viruses




In this I ON AIR I am talking about those viruses that made me come down with an illness. I don't talk about the trillions of viruses in my gut and uncountable encounters with them every day, that my immune system easily deals with.


Stuck im my memory due to the illnesses I had to go through are the measles, when I was around four years old, the acute EBV infections with 30 and last but not least my SARS-CoV-2 virus infection with 65.


I think it is interesting to see which course the infections took in these very different phases of my life.

Herd immunity can only evolve, if we share and mingle with our environment. Immunity comes from interaction and communication.

If we did not have the pandemic and the viruses permanently in the air, literally and metaphorically spoken, never ever I would have had the idea to talk about these my illnesses.


So, here we go, enjoy !