Immunity is essential for all beings populating our earth and it is the foundation for all sorts of performances. If you are ill all available energy is first of all dedicated to healing and re-balancing the organism. This does not only apply to humans but to all earthly beings.


Whether you look at plants, insects, birds or mammals they all express the property of immunity. Natural science with its experimental results can underline the assumption made, as researchers identified the same receptors of innate immunity all the way through from plants and invertebrates to humans.


These molecules have been conserved genetically over thousands and thousands of years and recognize the huge space of distinct forms of essential molecular patterns we live with in our inside and outside world. This knowledge may entitle me to conclude that there is no life without immunity.


This is the text of the above video podcast. Enjoy listening!

Since three decades biology and its complexity relations are my passion. Making the invisible in somehow visible using uncommon means, is great fun, I love it.

Cells moves through membranes


Immune cells have the property to move around, they never sit still. They migrate to the place where they are needed. For this reason all of them send out and receive a variety of signals. They know how to interpret the signal patterns if nothing goes wrong and change their functional state accordingly.


For example in the case of an acute inflammation immune cell wander through vessel walls to reach the injured aera for the sake of initiating the healing process.


The image does not show the process of migration through a vessel membrane, it is not made by an electron microscope. The form you see is created by the asphalt on the roed exposed to the season's temperature fluctuations.

The cell

Cells have a nucleus containing lots of DNA, be it useful or chunk. The cytoplasm is crammed with tiny bodies which are necessary to keep the cell alive, to guaratuee its replication, its specific function and its communication with its surrounding.


The image is lichen growing into a wall out of stone. 


Borders are delicate areas

An equlibrium of exchange, communication and protection has to be maintained along all borders. This applies to all species, to all living beings. The immunity is a body state - if working smoothly - has a great share caring for the integrity of the borders within the organism. 


What you see on this picture is the part of a with asphalt tinkered stony road. Between the wall and the asphalt is a crack where tender plants grow towards the sun light.


These are a few examples that want to illustrate what I  mean by metaphoric physiology. The term is an invention of mine. It occrrued to me on my many outside runs and walks with my dogs. The similarities between the microcosm of the living and the matter for me is just stunning.


I think the topic is worth this project. It is exciting to discover the realm of forms.