The idea of launching a livestream was born around three years ago. It was my dear friend and travel companion Herwig who brought it up.


But then as life goes due to our everyday routines the project lost its priority. It was the alarming amazement of the lockdown, a completely bizarre and unexpected life event for me, that gave our idea a kick again.

Only a few options were left now along the way, to raise our voices. To speak out, we thought, is our obligation as a citizen. The livestream as it presents itself as per today, changed its flair and content by 90°. It is not revolutionary, it is evolutionary, about coexistence, discourses, dialogues, open territory for exchange beyond the expert's club .


Okay, then, no more theoretical musings here!

Musing ...

We started to collect the odds and ends needed to establish a professional studio. As the BIESTMILCH shop lost its importance, almost no by passers anymore, the studio would be a great opportunity to reach the outside world.

With the mixing console from Black Magic the tool for a professional studio for a relatively reasonable price was made available. Step by step the technical requirements arrived in our little shop.


Thanks to Herwig and his colleague Roland who are having the expertise we now are proud owners of a livestream studio. We are able to invite guests and show our video clips to endow the talks with more life and authenticity.

But why and what and how?

The title, the content, the frequency of broadcasting, the branding, I was tossing and turning my thoughts, ideas and self-doubts again and again. Would I be able to carry such an endeavor? My friends said, of course.


In the end it took me around six months to feel ready to rock it! And honestly, I still struggle occasionally, not only with the technical side of the enterprise. Handling everything all alone, if my team is busy otherwise, is challenging, believe me.


"I ON AIR" was born

The love of my life ...


Arrogant? You may judge. I want to tell you the stories that shaped my life.


I made a promise to myself when I was still a teenager, not to talk about anything I did not make the experiences of myself. Therefore I ventured out into the world. I threw my social upbringing with all its preconceptions as far as I was and am aware of over board to find out myself, who I actually am.


Of course, this process is still ongoing, it comes never to an end.

The stories you are going to hear in this livestream are mine, of a woman or a girl 65 year of age, inspired by the many precious people I got to know on my journeys. One of the hallmarks of my life turned out to be BIESTMILCH, my passion, my love, my life...



All my experiences, failures and successes reflect itself in this universe my team and I built over the last 20 years. You get more of this live, until you may be fed up

I like to jump and try to reach the stars ...

For you to know, I am an autodidact.


The only study on my life record is medicine. It gave me a solid base to leave behind, and change my mindset.


The stories that made me to what I am today are the essence of this livestream. It's very personal on the one hand and not at all on the other.

My friends encouraged me to this outing, because they think that the path I walked on for so many years is in somehow unique and that therefore, you may have some fun with me. And maybe some of the stories remind you of your own life.

I would love, if we were able to inspire each other through this livestream.


Please, don't forget, I am not talking as an expert to you.


I just want to share with you the experiences I made by setting out into unknown territories to find some answers to all my unsolved questions. And there are still so many left.


I keep on moving, no doubt about that!

My team and I would be happy to meet you on and in the air ... regardless of age, profession, or passion.